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What We Are Doing
We are “claiming our state of being and becoming” creative-activists as processes of self-realization, self-actualization, and self-organization, as well as processes of interdependence with the psychological, sociological and physical environment.

How We Are Doing This
We are organizing small scale social events to reach to an understanding about the ways neighborhoods surrounding the Historic Fair Hill and Taller Puertorriqueño (North Kensignton, Fair Hill) have been affected by the invisible punishing machine, (CNS’ “science-fictional” way of defining the habitus of control, the prison industrial complex and the insidious effect of mass incarceration on society) and documenting our anti-prison / liberation activism in analytical performative writing, photographs and other media (like this website). Also we are engaging and participating with various individuals and organizations from the area.

Our goal is to publish three online reports to serve as material for a printed final book and/or other works that will be done in the coming years:

Thus, in REPORT-1, we highlight the accumulation of our playful and serious thoughts, observations and the whereabouts that we did between the year 2012 up to May of 2013. This report culminated in a live presentation on May 11th, 2013 at Taller Puertorriqueño.

In REPORT-2, we did a short presentation that included the work we planned and explored between May 2013 until the summer of 2014.

Last, in the REPORT-3, we are going to present a new set of materials and ideas that will bring a new insight to the journey we have been undertaken in the city since we arrived to Philadelphia. We also have a map that documents some of our whereabouts and latest connections to the work we are doing, living and breathing. Click this link if you want to learn more.

By STUDIO CNS | Counter Narrative Society @ CP-LAB


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